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Admission in the 2023/24 School Year
Admission important notice:

Register Online (The system will be open at 12 noon on 1-9-2022 )

Download Application Form (Kindergarten)

Download Application Form (Child Care Centre)

*Website of Education Bureau (EDB) Click Here 

Information on Admission in the 2023/24 School Year
Program K1 Pre-Nursery (PN)
Application Period From 1 Sep to 31 Oct 2022 From 1 Sep 2021 to 31 Dec 2022
Application Method 1. Online application on our school website, apply in person or by post (No quota limitation on receiving application form)

2. Please also submit the following documents if submitting the application form in person or by post:

◊ Original copy and photocopy of applicant’s birth certificate

◊ One passport photograph of applicant

◊ Three envelopes with  $2.2  stamps and home address

3. Application fee: HK$40 (To be collected on interview day)

Admission Criteria 1. Interview performance

2. Applicants with sibling(s) currently studying in our kindergarten will

be given due priority consideration.

3. The K1 applicants from families in need will be given due priority

consideration when applying for whole day classes (Such as those family with both working parents, or family with disabled family members requiring care)

(As the number of school places is limited, please understand that not all applicants fulfilling the priority criteria will be guaranteed a school place.)

Interview Arrangements 1.Our Kindergarten/Child Care Centre will arrange interview for all applicants

2.Group and individual interviews will be arranged

3.Parents need to accompany their child for the interview

4.Non-Chinese speacking children’s  interview :Please contact us at 2718 3637 or email: [email protected]  if interpretation/translation service is required. (We suggest attend the interview with a friend or relative who know chinese .)

Date of Interview 5 Nov 2022 (Sat)

Will notify parents by post or by emai

To be confirmed
Date of Announcement of Admission Results Before 16 Dec 2022

Will notify parents by post or by email

To be confirmed
Registration Arrangements for Successful Applicants 1.   Centralised Registration Date:

From 5 to 7 Jan 2023

2.   Registration document: Submitting the original copy of the “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission”(RC)

3.   Registration fee:

For half-day school: $950

For whole-day class: $1,500

1.   Registration Date:

To be confirmed

2.   Registration fee: $950

Our Kindergarten /Child Care Centre will reimburse the registration fee in Sep 2023. If parents decide to change school/drop out after registration, please notify us in writing. We will return the “2023/24 RC” but the registration fee will not be refunded. Also, our Kindergarten/Child Care Centre will no longer keep a school place for the child.
Applicants on the waiting list Our Kindergarten /Child Care Centre will notify parents with phone or e-mail if we have places after registration day. Parents should register at our school on the specified date and pay the registration fee.
Arrangements for Applicants not being Admitted Parents can refer to the K1 vacancy information released by EDB after the “Centralised Registration Dates” Not applicable
Website of Education Bureau (EDB):
Classes that Our School Provide and School Hours
Program K1 Pre-Nursery (PN)
Age 2 yrs 8 months old to 3 yrs 11 months old

(Children were born between Sep 2019 – Dec 2020)

2 yrs old to 2 yrs 11 months old

(Children born between Sep 2020- Dec 2021)

Classes K1 A.M. Class

K1 Whole-day Class

Pre-nursery A.M. Class
Time Monday to Friday

◊A.M. Class: 9:00a.m. to 12:00noon

◊ Whole-day Class: 9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.

(Service 6:00p.m.)

Monday to Friday

A.M. Class: 9:00a.m. to 12:00 noon


Tuition fee Our kindergarten has joined The Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme.


The tuition fee in 2022/23 (after deduction of government subsidy) is:

◊ Half-day school: Free

◊ Whole-day school: tuition is $234 per month and meal fee is $525per month, total $759 per month, will be paid monthly for 11 months

The tuition fee for 2023/24 is to be approved by EDB.

(The PN Class is not included in The Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme)


2022/23 tuition fee:

$2,648per month (will be paid monthly for 11 months)




The tuition fee for 2023/24 is to be approved by EDB.


If you want to apply for rolling admission as a freshman, please contact us.