Parent Workshops and Talks

Our kindergarten hosted “DIY Gift Cards” and “Making Serradura Pudding” Parent Workshop for parents to try crafting and desserts.

Our kindergarten held a “DIY Lip Balm and Mosquito Repellent Cream” Parent Workshop for parents to try and make natural mosquito cream and lip balm.

In order to let parents know that learning from games can help children grow up, we held a “Six Bricks” parent-child game workshop, we invited tutors to host the workshop and taught parents and children to use six Lego bricks to try a variety of gameplays, hope to strengthen interaction and communication between parents and children.

Our kindergarten cooperates with the Social Service Department of Yuen Yuen Institute to organize a “Skipped Generation Households” Parents Talk, providing positive parenting methods to skipped generation families together with solutions for the intergenerational education problems and how to find the right balance.