School open day .Travel The world

‘Travel the world” of H.K.T.A. Yuen Yuen Kindergarten (Tung Tau Estate)
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Date         :  22nd October, 2022(Saturday)
Content   :  Gardening Activity ,STEAM exploration, English Activity, Music Activity,magic performances, class performances

Target      :  For Students,graduates,family with kids under 6

School Information

H.K.T.A Yuen Yuen Kindergarten / Yuen Yuen Child Care Centre (Tung Tau Estate)

School Registration Number:ED-325716/CCC/773

Contact Tel:2718 3637

Fax:2383 7607

Address : G/F, 9-14 Yan Tung House, Tung Tau Estate, Kowloon

Email:[email protected]

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