Collaboration Plan
  1. To cooperate with the Social Service Department of Yuen Yuen Institute to provide a social worker service plan for the school with support to children, their families’ learning, behavior, and emotional problems.


  1. To participate in the “3EsProject” program of The Education University of Hong Kong. Through teacher training workshops, help them master the content and skills of the curriculum to cultivate children’s emotional and social skills, and provide professional workshops for parents. Through the cooperation between home and school, children can build good self-image, confidence and self-esteem, and build good relationships with others.


  1. To participate in the “Zippy’s Friends * Zippy’s Friends” program of The Education University of Hong Kong, through a series of curriculum activities, children learn to solve their own problems and help others solve their problems, thereby promoting children’s social development, helping to cultivate emotional health and enhance resistance.


  1. To participate in Playright’s “Free Playtime Practice – Seed School Training Program (SSTP) Seminar” to improve school practice and design on the quality and quantity of games through professional guidance, seed school exchange visits, focus and training to all teachers, online community cohesion, etc., Young children gain great benefits from the games.


  1. To cooperate with people from all walks of life in the community, such as participating in community education, entertainment festivals, caring for the elderly, etc., so that in the process of socialization, children can understand the relationship among individuals, their families, and the society. This helps to cultivate the sentiment of caring for the community.