Uniform Group

Road Safety Patrol Team

Our school set up the Road Safety Patrol in 2003. The team number is North New Territories 85. We team up once a week. Teachers who have received relevant training concurrently serve as team supervisors, captains, and lead team activities. The activities include marching and diversified activities, allowing children to learn about transportation and marching, and to cultivate an attitude of “comity” and well-disciplined as well as to develop a cooperative spirit.  Our team has won many awards in annual review and marching competitions.


Grasshopper Scouts

Our Grasshopper Scouts was established in 2003 and the brigade number is 1467, we hold assembly once a week. Teachers who have received relevant trainings serve as heads, deputy heads and they lead assembly activities.  Activities include group games, singing, stories, creative activities and outdoor activities that foster children’s proactive approach and build team spirit, hope to see them growing up healthy and happily.  The Brigade has participated in the “Excellent Brigade Rewards Program” over the years and was selected as the Excellent Brigade.