Non-Chinese Speaking Support Service

Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students


Admission Support

Our school provides parents of NCS students with Chinese and English versions of the admission application form.  Also, parents are welcome to be accompanied by relatives or friends who understand Chinese to translate for the applicant.

Targets of support services for non-Chinese speaking children
1.  Support non-Chinese speaking children to learn Chinese in the kindergarten
2.  Caring for the growth needs of non-Chinese speaking children from toddlers to young children
3.  Promote the personal and group development of children
4.  Build up an inclusive campus to help non-Chinese speaking children integrate into campus life


Teaching Support

1.We have teachers who are dedicated to provide supports especially for non-Chinese speaking pupils, to provide them with appropriate assistance and implement different modes of learning and activities to help children learn ChineseThese programmes create a rich language environment for learning Chinese, and design teaching strategies for non-Chinese speaking children to learn Chinese.

2.In support of funding for non-Chinese speaking children, we have recruited additional  teaching assistants to support children in learning Chinese and arranging translation and interpretation service. We encourage non-Chinese speaking parents to volunteer to participate in order to enhance communication between school and parents.

3.Our school use story based and stratified teaching approach (includes K1, K2 and K3) to teach Chinese. Stories will be told in three different levels, according to the learning needs of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students and cater for learner diversity. Stratified teaching is designed to respond to our learning material in culture.

4.Our school has also joined “Non-Chinese Speaking Students Paired Reading Program” organized by the team from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Aim of the program is to enhance NCS students’ Chinese literacy level by providing interesting story books with different topics to interest children to learn Chinese. Story books often use words and grammar that we use daily, it can helps children pick up vocabularies, a sense of the language, and build a good foundation of learning Chinese in a fun way.

5.We are also working closely with our school stationed social work to host “Non-Chinese Speaking Parents Integration Group”. To provide opportunities for our NCS parents and local parents to learn about each other’s culture and help our parents to build up a supporting network. We also provide supporting services such as parents’ workshop, parenting issue, primary one transition.

6.Base on different teaching theme, we will take our NCS children from classroom to our community. Through firsthand experience, children will be able to practices Chinese and use what they have learn in class in a real life situation.

Cultural Integration

Our school highly respects the different cultures of the world and often organize celebrations of different festivals. We always welcome non-Chinese speaking parents and children to participate and exchange different cultural customs to promote mutual understanding.

Other Support

If NCS parents have any enquiries, please contact our school at 2498 4636, or e-mail us: [email protected]

EDB hotlines : 2892 6676 or visit the following website:

C-For-Chinese @JC


Community learning activities


cross-cultural exploration activities


Chinese Learning Centre

Story-based language learning