School Support
Comprehensive support model:

We use story-based language learning (including K1-K3), layered story design with cultural

response learning materials, divided into three levels according to different themes for non-

Chinese speaking young children diversity to help them learning Chinese.  Professors of The Education University of Hong Kong visit the school regularly and design appropriate content on teaching activities for all levels through lesson co-planning, observations and assessments to enhance the teachers’ professional teaching abilities on teaching non-Chinese speaking children.


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Chinese Learning Centre support services provide a wealth of community resources. Through [family, community, school] collaboration, children learn Chinese vocabulary, radicals and components through different somatosensory games in the museum, induce non-Chinese speaking children’s motivation in learning Chinese and enhance self-confidence, in order to improve children’s language ability from the game.


Create opportunities with [cross-cultural exploration activities].  Promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding for non-Chinese speaking children and parents.


As cooperated between social workers at HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre and our school teachers, we lead non-Chinese speaking children learning Chinese language not only in classrooms but also in the community, to practice the language through life experience and in the scenes of daily life so as to to develop knowledge learned in classrooms while enriching the children’s psychological vocabulary.


HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre collaborates with our school to provide support services for families, such as Chinese Language Classes for Parents, Workshops for Parents, Workshops for Parent Child, Parent Community, Family Mentors, Parent Volunteers, One-to-One In-depth assistance and assistance to individuals to adapt primary schools, etc


Community learning activities

Cross-cultural exploration activities


Chinese Learning Centre


Story-based language learning