Development Plan

School development priorities for 2022-23 (1)


In the process of children’s growth, the early childhood stage is a critical period for cultivating children’s good moral character. We hope that through The 「愛樂園品德系列:讓幼兒快樂地學習道家教育思想之九美德」 program helps children develop good behavior habits and positive values ​​from an early age. This project is sponsored by the Quality Education Fund. The five Yuen Yuen Kindergartens under The Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Institute, Taoist education experts and early childhood education experts cooperate to design a series of interesting and inspiring The story book uses the “nine virtues” of Taoism – loyalty, filial piety, honesty, integrity, righteousness, trustworthiness, benevolence, benevolence, and propriety. With diversified learning activities and home-school cooperation models, children can practice various good virtues in their daily lives. Virtuous conduct. We hope that this program can effectively help young children establish their concept of right and wrong and self-image, cultivate their positive values ​​and attitudes, and understand their roles and responsibilities in different areas of life in the family, school, society, country, and the world, laying a solid foundation for children’s whole-person development and good foundation.

School development priorities for 2022-23 (2)

Concerned Objective: By participating in the Education Bureau’s on-site professional support service – “Cultivating Children’s Spirit of Exploration”, optimize and implement school-based exploratory courses, and promote children’s understanding of the field of “nature and life” Interest, cultivate children’s spirit of active exploration.

  • Optimize and plan exploration activities that suit children’s abilities and interests
  • Enhance teachers’ professional knowledge in the field of “nature and life”
  • Promote children’s interest in exploration activities