Biliterate and Trilingual

The school attaches great importance to the development of children’s biliteracy and trilingualism. The English curriculum is designed by a native English speaking teacher and a team of teachers, English storybooks are used, Shared Reading and Story Telling are used as teaching strategies and together with a series of learning activities, such as Show&Tell, Real-Life Experience, Role-Play, etc., These activities enable children to learn in a meaningful and authentic language environment, cultivate their interest and motivation to learn English, and enhance their confidence to speak English,

Besides, K2 and K3 classes implement the Jolly Phonics English course, which is taught by native English speaking teachers by using a step-by-step approach and to start with ease, allowing children to learn with different senses and interesting forms, and systematically establish English phonetic foundation and initial spelling skills.

In addition to specific English lessons every week, foreign teachers will also participate in children’s daily classroom activities, such as music and physical activities, free play, group activities, etc., to encourage children to interact and increase opportunities for listening and speaking English.

Putonghua course is taught by local teacher who has been certified by Putonghua Shuiping Ceshi (PSC).  Children learn Putonghua in a vivid and interesting ways, such as stories, songs, play, etc., so that they can master the language in authentic situations, and to develop and improve children’s Putonghua skills in listening, speaking and reading.