Development Plan

2019 – 2020 School Development Highlights

Objectives and Goals (1): To strengthen teachers’ ability to design and implement language courses, and enhance children’s interest in listening, speaking and reading in the learning process.

  •  To strengthen teachers’ ability to plan and implement language courses;
  •  To enrich the elements and layout of the language courses;
  •  To deepen parents’ understanding of the teaching strategy of the “Language Courses” and to nurture the development of children’s moral character;

Objectives and Goals (2): To integrate picture books and elements of drama teaching to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity.

  • To strengthen teachers’ ability to integrate picture books into drama teaching;
  • To promote drama teaching games and activities and encourage children to discuss, judge and think from different perspectives;
  • To give parents a good understanding of the drama materials so as to play games with their children.