Collaboration Plan
  1. We have participated in the Education Bureau’s Standing Committee on Language Education and Research on the implementation of the “Children’s Chinese and English Development Plan”. We have been conducting professional teaching and research activities under professional guidance in order to enhance our knowledge of language education for children and apply effective teaching strategies to optimize a school-based language environment and curriculum that aims to improve the children’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
  2. We participated in the “Playful Learning – Ploughing Drama Education” program, which was organized by The Education University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre. Through joint lesson planning, demonstration and collaborative teaching, we explored the integration of drama elements into the curriculum so as to encourage children’s creative thinking, emotional expression and language skills.
  3. We cooperated with the Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) for their “Smile” On-site Preschool Integrated Services to provide early intervention services for eligible children.
  4. We have been organizing an on-site Social Worker Service with the Social Services Department of the Yuen Yuen Institute to provide support to children, and the families of children, who are experiencing learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties.