We know that every child is unique and experiences different stages of growth and development at different ages. Therefore, the school’s curriculum focuses on setting learning goals based on the curriculum guidelines of the Education Bureau and is child-oriented. We design interesting activities for every young child.

The main part of the school’s curriculum is based on the guidelines provided by the Education Bureau, we focus on setting learning goals and the principle of child-centeredness, with diversified design, and creative and fun learning activities that suit the needs of every single child.

At the same time, in order to promote the balanced development of children in all aspects, our school is actively optimizing the curriculum content, learning and teaching methods. It has implemented a number of curriculum development programs over the years and has received suggestions from professionals, including integrated teaching in “music, physical, aesthetic”, “Promoting Children’s Learning Assessment”, “Children’s Autonomous Learning”, “Whole child development”, “Children’s Chinese and English Development Plan”, “Preschool Continuous Practice in Mathematics”, “Teaching with Picture Books ” and “Drama Teaching”.