Vision and Mission

Education Vision and Mission:


Our mission is to provide a holistic education based on Taoism, placing equal emphasis on students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. In accordance with our motto “Grasp Principles, Cultivate Virtues”, we are dedicated to helping students develop moral integrity and academic excellence.

We are committed to providing a pleasant learning environment, let children experience various activities and life, to cultivate interest in learning, to establish correct values, to enhance abilities in all aspects to achieve a balanced development in five key elements of education, and to become a person who loves people, loves society, and loves the world.


  • Let children love learning and cultivate children’s knowledge, exploration and problem-solving skills;
  • To cultivate children’s positive values, sense of responsibility and positive attitude;
  • To cultivate children’s cognitive and language skills;
  • To cultivate children’s ability to get along with others, appreciate and respect others;
  • To inspire children’s creativity, artistic expression and sentiment of appreciation;
  • To cultivate children’s good living habits and develop a healthy body;
  • To ensure that children receive proper care and be inspired to unleash their potentials;
  • Support teachers’ continuous professional development to improve the quality of teaching and promote the whole-person development of children;
  • To promote cooperation between home and school, and jointly nurture young children;
  • To contact organizations in community, jointly pay attention to the growth of children;